It’s the top story on Drudge as I write this. His worst-ever job approval recorded by Gallup was 39/55 in mid-March of this year. Today’s number: 39/54. Four days ago he was at 44/49, which naturally sent me into an eeyore spiral about the midterms. What could cause a five-point swing in less than a week? True to eeyorish form, my suspicion is that it’s noise: Only one other poll this month has had him below 40 percent approval, and Rasmussen has him as high as 46 percent today.

It could be, though, that he’s taking flak belatedly for the sturm und drang abroad. The MH17 shootdown happened eight days ago; maybe Americans withheld judgment at first as the facts were sorted out, but the clearer it became that this was more aggression by Russian proxies, the more O took a hit for having failed to rein Putin in. It could also be that as the Gaza war drags on, Obama’s caught in the middle between the pro-Israel wing of his base that thinks the administration is hostile to Tel Aviv (see, e.g., Mike Bloomberg’s comments about the FAA’s no-flight policy) and the Palestinian sympathizers on the left who think Obama’s being led around by the nose by those damned Zionists again. Some Democrats who’d normally be in his corner are bound to be alienated by whatever the White House does here. It’s hard for foreign policy to make the presidential needle move (or at least make it move durably), but a new cold war with Moscow and a new hot war involving Israel could do it. Temporarily.

In fact, via the Corner, here’s a fun number:

A CNN/ORC International poll found that 13 percent of Democrats it surveyed want to impeach President Obama. Those Democrats are joined by 57 percent of Republicans and 35 percent of independents who support impeaching the president, according to CNN…

And the greater amount of respondents who support Obama’s impeachment did not do so lightly. CNN found that 79 percent of those surveyed answered that, in general, Congress should only attempt impeachment against any sitting president for a “very serious crime” such as treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

A similar number of Dems (12 percent) support Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama. Er, who are those Democrats? CNN’s story didn’t dig deeper to find out but I’m curious to know. My guess is that they’re lefties piqued at O not for his offenses against separation of powers, a la Jonathan Turley, but for his interventions abroad and his NSA policies, a la Glenn Greenwald. Not part of the group that’s driven down his approval only lately, needless to say.