If you are looking for a change of pace, I will be guest hosting this evening on Relevant Radio for my friend Sheila Liaugminas’ “A Closer Look” from 6-7 ET (Facebook page here). Relevant Radio and ACL focuses on current events from a Catholic perspective. My guests tonight will be:

  • Adele Keim of the Becket Fund, who will discuss the Supreme Court’s McCullen decision on “buffer zones,” and preview Monday’s upcoming decision on Hobby Lobby/Conestoga and the HHS mandate. Where will we stand on religious liberty and free speech by next week?
  • Katie Kieffer, author of the new book Let Me Be Clear: Obama’s War on Millenials and One Woman’s Case for HopeWe’ll discuss the changing face of the millenial electorate, how the economy is impacting their viewpoint on politics and policy, and what prescriptions Katie offers to solve the pressing problems of the day.

We’ll also look for updates on the plight of Meriam Ibrahim and other breaking news.

I’ll also be guest hosting for Sheila again tomorrow too, at the same time. Be sure to tune in!