Judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman, the Iraqi judge who presided over former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s 2006 trial, has been captured and executed by the Islamic fundamentalist group ISIS, according to a report from the Egyptian newspaper Al-Mesyroon.

Abdel-Rahman’s execution was reportedly labeled as revenge for the death of Hussein. While his death has not yet been confirmed by the Iraqi government, Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh appeared to confirm the development on Monday.

“Iraqi revolutionaries arrested him and sentenced him to death in retaliation for the death of the martyr Saddam Hussein,” Attieh wrote on his Facebook page. Another Facebook page attributed to the former Ba’athist deputy Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri also announced the capture of Abdel-Rahman.

The former Iraqi judge is believed to have been captured on June 16 and executed two days later.

Abdel-Rahman headed a five-judge panel that heard five months of testimony in 2006. That court eventually sentenced Hussein to death by hanging, a sentence carried out in November of that year.

The militant group ISIS has captured large portions of northern Iraq and Syria and, on Sunday, announced the capture of two border posts linking Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.