I feel like we need this palate-cleanser after yesterday’s story about unborn babies out of the UK that was so barbaric I couldn’t even click on the original story (and used Allahpundit’s write-up to filter it for myself).

Also out of the UK, the baby in this video’s name is Buzz, and he’s already living up to it with nearly 6 million views. It’s almost as if people recognize something inherently valuable, humane, and worthy of love in what they’re seeing from the very beginning to the very end of pregnancy. How many pro-choice activists are scratching their heads about why this time lapse doesn’t start at 24-26 weeks? Congrats to the young family!

The singer/songwriter is Tom Fletcher of the British pop band, McFly. He boasts writing credits for a list of British top-20 hits, and married his childhood sweetheart Giovanna in 2012. His other super-viral video is his wedding speech, set to the tune of a bunch of his pop hits, with 12 million views. Clearly he and his wife make a great team. Lucky kid.