The Republican National Committee is out with a new series of web ads that star people of a variety of different demographics designed to appeal to different segments of the American population that they’ve recently struggled to win: minorities, women, and, yes, hipsters.

The ad campaign, entitled “Create Your American Dream,” features a spotlight on Scott Greenberg, a bespactacled young man that National Journal’s Lucia Graves accuses of that deadly word that doesn’t really mean anything: “hipster.”

Take a look:

The ads are a part of a six-figure campaign that will run in 14 different states and, as far as the actual issues go, will focus on energy, entrepreneurialism, family budgeting and other issues that appeal to middle-class Americans. Obviously, the GOP has been discussing “outreach” ever since President Obama’s sweeping victory in 2012, and these ads focus on the demographics that the party has recently struggled with electorally. A six-figure ad buy is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but if well-received, the ads might be a preview of what the party apparatus will steer ads toward in the future.

It could be worse, right? After all:

Well, maybe. View the thirty-second ad that serves to highlight all of the stories the RNC wants to highlight below – :