One of the nice things about visiting political events around different parts of the country is that you get to sample the local flavor and style of others interested in the same things you are. While staying in New Hampshire I’ve gotten an earful of how the business of politics operates and what state level activists deal with on a regular basis. One of the complaints many of you express is the sometimes crazy attacks which certain progressives launch because… well, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe they just can’t help themselves.

Today’s example deals with the state representative I interviewed yesterday, Al Baldasaro and his family. I also got to meet his wife Judy, who regaled me with a few stories about the attacks on her husband by Democrats who are apparently driven bonkers by his conservative agenda. Now, Al is used to being attacked for his policies and the legislation he works on, but it seems that the local Democrats aren’t happy with just sticking to business. They also went after him for the controversial topic of… wedding photos.

A Londonderry representative is taking heat this week from several New Hampshire Democrats over his wedding photos, which included several shots of wedding party members carrying guns.

On Tuesday, Rep. Al Baldasaro (R) posted the following message to his personal Facebook page:

The Liberals at it again, no respect what so ever but I have to say not all Democrats act like them. They owe my wife and me an apology but I won’t hold my breath waiting, shame on them.”

Most notable among the group is Rep. Peter M. Sullivan (D-Manchester). In one of the screen grabs, he is shown reposting the Baldasaro wedding album with the caption “Paging Dr. Freud…”

Sullivan – an elected Democrat official – doubled down with additional comments about the gun totin’ wedding party. So what could have possibly been so offensive to the collective progressive brain trust to put them on the attack? Here it is.


And it spread beyond there. Even Huffpo picked up on the story. Having met Judy, I can tell you she’s a lovely woman and as pleasant a host as you’d hope to find. Her taste in fine weaponry only speaks more highly of her if you ask me. But the critics of the family weren’t happy with stopping there. There was still room to sink lower.

Eileen Spratt Ehlers wants to know ‘”Why she is dressed up like a 20-year old virgin bride?”

Pictures with guns? Yeah, that might invite provocation from your average ignorant, intolerant, unhinged, talking-points-IQ-New Hampshire Democrat, but I think Ehlers comment is the most telling.

Attacking the bride on her wedding day over her gown… it almost defies belief. So you think you’ve got it bad where you live? Take comfort… you could have to deal with the Democrats in New Hampshire.