This NSFW video isn’t new, nor is it unknown — it has more than 4 million views since its publication last September. Had I seen it before yesterday, I would definitely have included it in my post on premium-channel nudity and exploitation, but it’s fun enough for a quick hit here. Alberto Belli produced and directed this satirical look at young actors getting their first major role in entertainment — and the way the industry treats them. Click the link below to watch, but do bear in mind that this is Not Safe For Work, and might offend some:

Just to revisit the point from my column:

That’s not to argue that nudity never belongs in art — the classics of Renaissance paintings and frescoes clearly show otherwise, and the same is true in modern film at times. The scene in The Last Detail when a young, condemned sailor sees a naked woman for the first time resonates artistically, for instance. But here, nudity is used sparingly to tell a significant part of the story, rather than used as an abundant commodity to pander to the lowest impulses of an audience that largely watches for better reasons anyway. …

When nudity appears in film and television, it should be used to drive the story and respect the humanity and intelligence of both the cast members and the intended audience. While cable television has won some deserved plaudits for pursuing complicated dramas and adult themes where its broadcast competitors usually cannot compete, the industry still seems intent on selling to the lowest possible denominator. And that’s hardly a new day in entertainment, let alone Eden.

Update, 3/28: Changed from embed to link.