In previous CPACs, candidates for Congressional offices would roam the hallways looking for interviews to increase their profile among conservatives. This year that seemed to be less the case, even though we are heading into the midterm elections and in some cases coming up quickly to primary fights. I did get a chance to speak to two prospective Republican candidates — one of whom should be very familiar to Hot Air readers. Jorge Bonilla spent some time in our Green Room as a contributor, and now wants to win the Republican nomination in Florida’s 9th CD to challenge incumbent Alan Grayson:

The beginning of our conversation focused on allegations raised a day or two earlier about domestic violence connected to Grayson and his wife. A video that surfaced after this interview suggested that Grayson may have at least been a mutual victim of it. The Graysons’ daughter publicly supported Rep. Grayson’s version of events at that same time.  Jorge steers clear of the issue, and advisedly so, since there is plenty about Grayson’s public life to warrant his second “retirement” from Congress.

The 9th CD is a D+4 district, so the Republican who wins the primary will have a tough fight. Don’t be surprised, though, if Grayson makes way for a more moderate Democrat to take his place. This is going to be a tough election for Democrats in swing districts as it is, even without Grayson’s baggage of toxic rhetoric and his outspoken defense of ObamaCare.

I also had a chance to meet Brenda Lenard, of whom I had not heard before CPAC. Lenard wants to challenge incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee from the right. She’s already had to straighten out some false accusations against her, as well as overcome some heartbreaking tragedy — none of which comes up in the interview, however. Instead, we just discuss why she’s challenging Alexander and what Tennessee needs from its next Senate election: