Last month, Ed brought up the subject of how insurance companies were reacting to scheduled cuts to Medicare which were part of Obamacare. The news wasn’t good for them, and now Democrats are moving toward full blown panic mode after HHS announced that the cuts are on the way.

The Obama administration ignited a new election-year controversy Friday when regulators handed down fresh cuts to Medicare Advantage (MA).

Next year, plans in the program will see their payments cut by at least 2 percent on average between ObamaCare and a regular annual update, the announcement stated.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) argued that the reductions will help to strengthen the program — an increasingly popular alternative to traditional Medicare — and guard against waste.

So here’s a thought that I’ve already heard being mentioned around DC this weekend; the Democrats may be poised to turn this into a big political win for the mid-terms. How? Easy. Obama gets the cuts worked into the original Obamacare package, and then announces them. The Democrats, desperately hoping that nobody will remember that they all voted for the cuts in the first place, turn around and look like heroes when they suddenly rise up and “protect our seniors” from the cuts. Victory!

“Democrats they had better watch out” Already worried about the political fallout of seniors that are being hit with a reduction in benefits and higher costs, Democrats like Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor are panicked. This week, they were forced to admit in a letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that they indeed cut Medicare for seniors after repeatedly promising they would protect these programs from cuts.

Democrats should be worried. Americans want Obamacare and it’s Medicare cuts dismantled.

Sound crazy? Not really. Actually, it’s a fairly standard tactic if you assume that your voter base is fairly stupid and has the attention span of a fruit fly. First you create a crisis, then you charge in to the rescue and “fix it” yourself. Of course, America’s voters would never be gullible enough to fall for cheap parlor tricks like this, would they?

Look around you at the White House and the state of the nation today… it’s actually almost a given.