There they go again. Those nasty old Republicans are conducting their war on women. It seems as if a bright, intelligent lady can’t so much as suggest she’s considering serving her state in Congress without the GOP body slamming her to the deck. Unfortunately for this meme, yet another story – this one out of Virginia and noted by Justin Higgins – shows how the war is in full gear, but it’s being conducted by Democrats. Barbara Comstock (R-Fairfax) had a piece of domestic violence legislation ready to go in the Old Dominion and it had broad, cross-party support. That is, of course, until her opponents realized she was running for higher office.

Delegate Barbara Comstock’s legislation had unanimous support in the House of Delegates, but the Democrat-controlled State Senate had other plans:

The bill, HB1, was introduced by Del. Barbara J. Comstock (R-Fairfax) and would increase the amount of money that can go to victims of domestic and sexual violence and funds for combating those crimes, while also launching a subcommittee to study streamlining the funding process for agencies that deal with the issue.

Sen. Janet D. Howell (D-Fairfax) recommended in committee Wednesday that the bill be carried over until 2015, a motion that was approved on a party-line vote.

Howell and the other hyper-partisans in the State Senate had initially proposed and supported identical legislation, but that died because of “unintended consequences” that needed to be studied. One of those consequences, apparently, was that the legislation could help Comstock’s bid for Congress in Northern Virginia. They couldn’t allow that.

Read the rest of Justin’s article. This is a real piece of work on the part of the Democrats in Virginia. Here’s a piece of legislation which is right in their wheelhouse, and they’ve established a bipartisan push for it. (Aren’t they always talking about how Republicans won’t work with anyone?) And just as they’re getting ready to pass precisely that, they torpedo their own goals just to make sure a Republican woman doesn’t “get credit” for getting something done while she’s running for Congress.

Physician, heal thyself.