Senator Claire McCaskill might want to change the subject of the midterms from ObamaCare, but the main Democratic PAC for House elections knows that their side can’t avoid it. Instead, they’re running ads in yet another tough district to claim that the Democratic incumbent is just as angry about the incompetence and failure as constituents are — without bothering to mention that the incumbent voted for it and continues to defend it. Meet Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) … ObamaCare-outraged Joe Garcia, that is:

This is the second such ad for the House Majority PAC, which declares its mission to be “holding Republicans accountable and helping Democrats win seats in the House.” Their first offered the same message on behalf of Ann Kirkpatrick of AZ-01, a district with a Cook rating of R+3. Garcia’s district, FL-26, has a Cook rating of R+4. That explains why the House Majority PAC wants to portray ObamaCare’s enablers as defenders against its onslaught.

Marc Caputo wonders why Democrats expect the impression of ObamaCare to improve while conducting this kind of PR campaign:

With friends like the Democratic House Majority PAC, does Obamacare need enemies?

The PAC is up with an ad defending Miami Rep. Joe Garcia, but it’s not attacking rivals like Republican Carlos Curbelo. Instead, it’s insulating him against claims he’s an Obamacare apologist is an object lesson in how Democrats look like they’re running scared from the Affordable Care Act. …

If the act’s defenders wonder why the public has a low opinion of the law, they might want to call House Majority PAC.

National Journal’s Beth Reinhard also notes the lack of defense of the party’s signature legislative “achievement” (scare quotes mine, not Reinhard’s):

So does the Democratic super PAC paying for the response, House Majority PAC, come back with a resounding defense of President Obama’s health care law, pointing to the 158,000 Floridians who have gained insurance?


Reinhard thinks that House Majority PAC is trying to align itself with the majority of voters who want ObamaCare fixed rather than repealed. But that means having to declare it broken — which is the point Republicans will be making as their central argument, and asking to hold those who imposed this broken system on Americans accountable. The checkmate argument will be this: “How can you trust the people who foisted this incompetent, unworkable system onto Americans with fixing it when they couldn’t even figure out how broken it was for more than three years?”

Good luck crafting an ad to deal with that.

Update: This may have been a weak attempt to respond to the Libre Initiative ad that went up last month: