What’s changed in 22 years? Jay Leno took a look back at the years since he first took over hosting duties at the Tonight Show in 1992, and offered a few quips about the differences. Weiner jokes are still just as funny, only now they’re about Anthony Weiner, who Leno skewers almost immediately.  Perhaps Leno wanted to look back, because looking forward means trying to deal with his unemployed status — and that means ObamaCare, Leno tells the audience (via CNS News):


Leno provides another bookend by talking about Hugh Grant, whose appearance in 1992 after his arrest for soliciting a prostitute put Leno permanently in first place in the late-night market, and also talked about his friendship with David Letterman. He also offered a few jokes from his usual repartee, and included some of his favorite video hits on politicians, which are well worth watching again.

I’ll be sorry to see him go, mostly because of the late-night comics, Leno seemed to spread his attacks fairly evenly. We’ll see if the next generation of comics follow his lead, or fall back into the safe “Republicans are evil” paradigm that most of Hollywood uses in its entertainment.