And, it was written by Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead, whose nasty partisan drive outgrew her funny long ago.

I want to revel in the schadenfreude, but this is so painful and makes me so sympathetically embarrassed, I’m not sure I can revel properly. Perhaps if I’d been in the room, I’d be more resentful of her assault on my senses and enjoy this more.

But I think you’ll enjoy it, in a rubbernecking kind of way. And, frankly, liberals get this kind of scathing review so seldom that I feel obligated to amplify it just to try to even the playing field. Lord knows none of them would have any compunction about laughing at, say, Michele Bachmann over a similarly epic bombing. You gotta believe Edwards never saw this coming from Politico:

Washingtonians sit through terrible speeches all the time: dry rules hearings, partisan floor lectures and, let’s face it, even the State of the Union some years.

So it was a bad day for Rep. Donna Edwards Thursday, when Washingtonians gathered at coffee pots and in lunch rooms across town and deemed her performance at the Washington Press Club Foundation annual dinner Wednesday night the most painful we’ve endured in a long time.

It was supposed to be a comedy – an annual ritual where a member of Congress entertains a wonky crowd of journalists, lawmakers, and all variety of political insiders with jokes you wouldn’t mind repeating to your mother.

But more people were wincing than laughing.

“I survived the Donna Edwards #wpcfdinner speech of 2014,” tweeted Mike Memoli, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times who sat through the fiasco.

Ed Henry, Fox News chief White House correspondent, retweeted him, and added the hashtag: #isitdoneyet?

Edwards’ speech, reportedly written by co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, might have sounded great on paper or in practice sessions in front of a friendly audience, but it came off as a Republican hate-fest sprinkled with the kind of sexual humor that made the buttoned-up crowd squirm – not laugh. It’s a reminder how hard it is to entertain a tough crowd, like one filled with cynical journalists.

At one point Edwards, a Democrat from Maryland, made the equivalent of a sexual battle cry to ladies in the room: “Come on, help me y’all: I want to give a really special shout out to Nancy Pelosi and all my sisters in the libido caucus — holla’!” she cried out, raising her hands above her head.

Reaction: blank stares and furrowed brows.

A crass, stupid Republican hate-fest from Lizz Winstead? Who would have guessed? Read the whole thing, bask in it for a bit, and check out this groaner. I’m not sure in what room this works. And, I spend a lot of time in some very nerdy political rooms:

Edwards also laid the slap down on a group of Republicans she joined on a trip to Egypt for a congressional junket, including tea party firebrands Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Steve Stockman (R-Texas).

She showed a picture of the group on an overhead screen with an arrow pointing to her, an African American, buried in the back behind a bunch of white travelers.

She said the trip gave her “Stockman syndrome” — a condition, she explained, derived from hanging out with so many tea partiers that she said she found herself falling in love with more centrist Republicans like Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).

Crowd response? Crickets — and more reaches for wine.