Via CNS, I’m late with this but it’s worth preserving belatedly. In theory, separation of powers is supposed to prevent what you’re about to see. The president may belong to the same party as members of Congress but the quest for power forces each to guard their respective branch’s constitutional prerogatives. Pitting different arms of government against each other is one way to make sure — again, in theory — that no single arm grows too powerful. That’s checks and balances 101. I’m sure there’s a “Schoolhouse Rock” episode about it somewhere.

In reality, congressional Democrats’ despair that the GOP is set to hold the House for the foreseeable future leads to this pathetic spectacle, in which members of one branch are now working as secretaries for another to encourage it to bypass them in the legislative process. Some people used to care about this, and eventually they’ll care about it again. But not for the next three years, at least.