The latest Rasmussen poll on the race for the embattled Louisiana Democrat’s Senate seat shows Landrieu continuing to lose ground to her Republican challengers, and as David Gregory and Chuck Todd both observed on Morning Joe on Friday, things just aren’t looking very good for her.

Without the president on the ballot, I have to say, I don’t know if the numbers work for her any more, work for any Democrat anymore. This is a unique — she has not had to run with this few registered Democrats in a nonpresidential year, it’s going to be really tough for her.

As even the New York Times (albeit gently) pointed out this morning, President Obama and ObamaCare are looking like the major drivers of a forthcoming downfall, and Landrieu is taking every opportunity to differentiate herself from the White House and remind voters about all of the issues that aren’t ObamaCare she can manage; in that same vein, I’m sure she’ll be watching for the reportedly pending Keystone XL pipeline report from the State Department like a hawk.