Oil has finally started flowing through the southern portion of the Keystone pipeline, and surprise: Eco-radical groups are most displeased with the administration for what must obviously have been their slapdash approval of such a dastardly infrastructure project — you know, of the sort backed by industry groups as well as organized labor and which our economy desperately needs to continue building in order to accommodate our still-burgeoning shale boom? Man, the nerve of those administration officials. Via The Hill:

Green groups like the Sierra Club blasted the administration for failing to adequately review the pipeline.

“Today’s announcement is a painful example of President Obama’s all of the above energy plan at work: polluted air and water, carbon pollution, and the ever present threat of poisoned drinking water for millions of Texas and Oklahoma families,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said in a statement.

“The Sierra Club will fight hard to protect the families who are now at risk, and turn the Obama administration’s shortsighted dirty energy policy around,” added Brune, who is normally a fan of Obama’s climate agenda.

The environmental advocacy group 350.org’s Bill McKibben, also pointed the finger at Obama for falling out of line with his promises to battle climate change.

“Expediting KXL south was not the mark of a president who really ‘gets’ climate change,” McKibben said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Normally a fan of Obama’s climate agenda,” until recently, that is: Last week, the Sierra Club and a slew of similar groups decided to Get Serious with Obama and basically called out his “all of the above” energy agenda as a bunch of crap, chiding him to start doing much more to forcibly curb Americans’ use of fossil fuels and start applying a much stricter climate-change test to “to all decisions regarding new fossil fuel development” — and that of course means nixing infrastructure projects that enable to oil industry to grow. ‘Cause that’s really realistic, and everything.

TransCanada, for its part, is confident that they’ve dotted all of their regulatory i’s and crossed all of their bureaucratic t’s, and welcomes the scrutiny on what they believe is the “safest pipeline ever”: