I’ve often joked that if I ran for Congress in Northern Virginia against Rep. Jim Moran, my platform would be simple. I promise to read every bill before voting and not hit any children or women while in office. That’s it. The bar is low.

The illustrious Congressman actually jacked up an 8-year-old black kid in the parking lot of the rec center down the street from me because he claimed he thought the third-grader was carjacking him. Then, there are the domestic violence calls from his wife. He’s a gem.

And, he uttered these immortal statesmanlike words:

“When I become chairman [of a House appropriations subcommittee], I’m going to earmark the sh*t out of it.”

Mollie Hemingway has the ultimate guide to Moran’s horribleness. There’s so much more where this came from. Click over and read the whole thing. A taste of one I’d never heard:

7) Attacking Constituents

According to the Retire Jim Moran website:

He has held only a handful of public meetings after in the last few years after multiple incidents, including one town hall where he scolded a disabled veteran and told him to “sit down or leave” after the veteran asked him a question about how military benefits would be affected by a possible government shutdown in the spring of 2011.

He’ll, in all likelihood, be replaced by a liberal Democrat—though, hmmm—but it sure is nice to see him hang up his, ahem, gloves.