Oh, I kid. I kid.

It’s Sunny Obama causing trouble at a Christmas gathering at the White House. Sunny, a Portuguese water dog who joined the first family and its other dog Bo in August, got a little out of hand, jumping on 2-year-old Ashtyn Gardner. Gardner then tripped and fell. Apparently, just like every other member of the administration, Sunny is incapable of taking responsibility. Oh, I kid again. Apparently, just like every other part of this administration, Sunny is badly managed. Har, I can’t resist. But being 2, Sunny’s tiny scapegoat didn’t have far to fall, so no harm was done.

But check out how traumatic the still shot looks.

Michelle Sunny

File this one away for whenever Michelle or Sunny decide they want to run for something and claim they’re in it for the children. Black-and-white film, Ashtyn Gardner’s tearful testimonial, and this photo.