“I’m tired of hearing from people on TV, and reading about [Benghazi] in books,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Steve Doocey on Fox & Friends today.  Reacting to the big 60 Minutes scoop last night on CBS, Graham announced that he would block all appointments from the White House until the Obama administration makes the Benghazi survivors available for testimony before Congress (via Andrew Johnson at NRO):

Graham also wants Boehner to form a “joint select committee” in the House to run a larger-scale probe into Benghazi:

Senator Lindsey Graham stipulated a number of next steps he and congressional Republicans need to take to move forward on the Benghazi investigations, and called on John Boehner to create a joint select committee in the House to address “the stove-piping problem.”

“To Speaker Boehner: Please, for god’s sake, form a joint committee to get away from the blame game and find out exactly what happened,” the South Carolina Republican said on Fox & Friends on Monday morning. He included praise for House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa’s efforts in the investigation thus far.

Graham argues that while Issa’s committee has done a fine job in exposing the lies told by the administration, Congress needs to get beyond the “blame games” in order to find out what actually happened before and during the attack in the White House and at State.  He specifically calls out Hillary Clinton for not reacting to the feedback coming from the diplomatic security personnel in Libya about the threats and escalating attacks in Benghazi, made even more clear in last night’s 60 Minutes report.

Boehner has treaded carefully on Benghazi until now, content to let Issa run the show.  The CBS report last night gives him an opening to expand the House’s investigation, and also to argue that the expansion makes it more likely to shed some of the partisanship which Democrats accuse Issa of pushing.  Let’s see if he takes advantage of it to get some real answers on why the US was unprepared for an al-Qaeda attack in what became Terrorist Central on the anniversary of 9/11, and why the military wasn’t ready to protect Americans in an easily-predicted onslaught.