Since it was announced that Saxby Chambliss wouldn’t be running for another term, the Democrats seem to have fixed on this Senate seat as a target of opportunity. That’s a bit of a puzzler, since Georgia voters haven’t taken a favorable look at a Democrat for that spot in nearly a decade and a half and Barack Obama currently “enjoys” a 54% disapproval rating in the state. Obamacare is also none too popular, with only 39% support. Still, that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of Democrats who are raising great gobs of cash for Michelle Nunn, who is seeking the position next year.

Political rookie Michelle Nunn is about to underline her status as the leading Democratic candidate in Georgia’s race for U.S. Senate with an eye-popping $1.7 million raised in the first three months of her campaign.

We’re told the figure is about to be released via social media. The cash comes from about 6,700 donors – an average of $253 per contribution. She’s on a path to outraise every Republican in the contest.

Money is important for a Senate race, no doubt, but it doesn’t magically remove voters’ doubts about your positions. Nunn has been a loyal voice for the Democrats and the Obama administration to date, but clearly it’s time for an about face if she’s going to fool Georgia’s voters into thinking she’s some sort of independent voice.

Michelle Nunn, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, just added her voice to those calling for a delay to the implementation of the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act, specifically aligning herself with U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga.

U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Augusta, demanded a postponement on Wednesday.

Consider this Nunn’s first big break with President Barack Obama.

Things get even trickier for Nunn when you consider that Georgian’s blame the Democrats for both the shutdown and the Obamacare fiasco by wide margins. And getting the endorsement of Emily’s List probably hasn’t helped her much either.

EMILY’s List was one of the earliest groups to formally endorse the Democrats’ best Georgia hope, a fact her camp maintained essential radio silence on publicly, preferring headlines highlighting a “What Washington Can Learn From Georgia” tour to a pro-abortion group’s endorsement.

Until targeted Facebook ads touting the endorsement and challenging users to help her “keep fighting for the issues that matter to women and families” were spotted.

Georgia’s had a 20-week abortion ban in place for well over a year.

Back to the subject of Obamacare, note that she’s not calling for the removal or defunding of the program. Just a delay. Better than nothing, I suppose, but that’s going to be a hard sell. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, currently working on her own bid for the GOP nomination, seemed to sum things up nicely on her Twitter feed.

After months of supporting Obamacare Michelle Nunn now calling for a delay?

Political expediency? Seems like she is already acting like a career politician

Obamacare needs to be repealed not delayed

Nunn’s resume and “qualifications” to represent the people of Georgia in the Senate consist pretty much entirely of her family name. Surely the Peach State can do better than this. There are a number of interesting candidates on the Republican side, in addition to Handel, any of which should certainly be a major upgrade over Nunn. The NRSC recently released a statement on this subject which ties a bow on this package. It said, in part:

After months of supporting ObamaCare and ignoring the fact that the unpopular law would hurt middle class Georgians and increase their health care costs, Michelle Nunn is now desperately attempting to distance herself from Reid and the law.

Yet, at an Organizing for Action (OFA) event this summer, Harry Reid praised Nunn, endorsing her before the liberal elite crowd, urging them to finance Nunn’s campaign, and ensuring that Nunn will be a reliable voice for the Obama-Reid agenda.

Michelle Nunn is Harry Reid’s candidate; from supporting his liberal policies to lining her campaign coffers with his campaign contributions. No matter how much Nunn attempts to distance herself from Democrats in Washington, the fact remains that she has aligned herself closely with Harry Reid and is on the wrong team

Look over the field of GOP candidates in Georgia if you get a chance. There’s simply no reason that this seat should even be considered marginally in play. Selecting a solid Republican nominee should tamp down the D’s enthusiasm quickly, no matter how much money the Liberal coalition dumps into Nunn’s coffers.