Well, what’s an extra month among friends, anyway?  Just days after Barack Obama appointed his new top economics adviser Jeff Zients to head up the so-called “tech surge” to fix Healthcare.gov, Zients promised that Americans will be able to behold the power of a fully operational ObamaCare by … er … the end of November.

It’s a good thing that Obama brought in an expert from the web-portal field to make that determination, right? Er, not exactly.  Zients comes from the private sector all right, but in venture capital. His most prominent position before now was with Bain Capital — the same company that Obama demonized during the 2012 campaign, and the same company run by Mitt Romney.

Something tells me that the deadline for beholding the power of the fully operational ObamaCare’s going to look something like this:

But maybe this is a better Star Wars reference:

If this can’t get fixed by the end of November, the White House will have to beg Congress for the delay they insisted was the fantasy of anarchists just three weeks ago. They will find themselves in a trap of their own making.