Well, let’s recap.  ObamaCare passed Congress almost entirely on Democratic votes [see update]. The Obama administration has taken more than three years to build a website on what turns out to be ten-year-old technology without bothering to test it, and now it’s passing bad data in every direction.  And yet, in a discussion on what’s going wrong with ObamaCare, MSNBC offers a chyron that states that the GOP flubbed the launch of ObamaCare.

Ooooooooo-kay (via Twitchy):

What makes this amusing is that the conversation could have turned to whether the Republicans shot themselves in the foot with the shutdown by eclipsing all of the bad news from the rollout.  That would explain that chyron, but clearly that’s not where the conversation went.  Instead, the panel spent more than four minutes discussing how badly the rollout has gone and the fact that the White House might be forced into the position of delaying the individual mandate anyway, despite outlasting the GOP in the shutdown impasse.

Ironically, the entire segment demonstrates why the chyron would be inaccurate in any context — and why the tactical retreat on the shutdown might turn out to be a strategic victory for Republicans in the long run.  Without the breathless minute-by-minute updates from Capitol Hill on the shutdown, the biggest national story and shared experience is the disastrous ObamaCare rollout, which is so bad and so big that even MSNBC can’t ignore it.

Update: My recollection was that Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA) voted for the final version of ObamaCare.  He didn’t; he voted for an earlier draft in November 2009, but voted against the final version in March 2010. I’ve amended the opening paragraph.