Last week, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz clumsily but determinedly stuck like glue to the White House’s favored talking point about an unexpected avalanche of traffic being the root cause of the prohibitive number of “glitches” plaguing the federal online portal, even as more and more emerging evidence continues to point to underlying (and yet deliberate) architecture flaws and hasty programming decisions. Even her fellow liberals are beginning to concede that the Obama administration really botched ObamaCare’s opening, and now she’s — well, she’s still clinging to that “too much traffic” talking point, actually, but only as a weak preface in finally admitting that yeah, there is really no excuse for glitchiness of this magnitude.

Well, clearly the rollout of the website and people’s ease of getting on to the website has been a bit of a struggle, and that needs to be fixed. They’re working on that aggressively. I mean, I think the good news is that the website was designed for fewer people than actually logged on. We had exponential interest, and the website had some challenges handling that through their servers. … You know, I don’t think we should be making excuses. There should have been a better rollout and a better design.