Is it, Debbie? Is it?

She’s almost uncharacteristically bumbling-and-stumbling on this one, via RCP:

So clearly we’re eight days in and to be insisting on data being produced day by day for a six-month enrollment program is a little bit unfair. And, you know, the good news that came out of this problem and HHS has acknowledged that there’s obviously been some technological problems with the server, but the good news out of that is that the servers were apparently designed to anticipate about 50,000 people a day going on the website and moving around and they — it turns out it’s been 250,000 a day. So it’s very clear that there is demand. It’s also clear that they need to fix those technological bugs. I don’t know any software program or app, for that matter, by any high-tech company that doesn’t have bugs and fixes that need to be made in the first few days of the rollout. And so that’s why, in part, there’s a six-month enrollment plan. So what the analogy that I’ve used repeatedly is that the Republicans, because they don’t like their kitchen redesign, are trying to burn their house down. And that’s what they’re doing by trying to take the government down with them and our economy.

And on and on and on, before she finally manages to turn a question about why we cannot know how many people have succeeded in signing up for ObamaCare into a condemnation of extremist Republicans who have yet to “accept that President Obama was reelected last November,” with a sweet bonus somewhere in the middle: “Even Al Gore, who didn’t — who vehemently disagreed with the Supreme Court decision that made George W. Bush president in 2000, accepted that the Supreme Court’s ruling was the final say and moved on.” Ahhh, yes. Now that you mention it, I totally see the relevance there.

As Allahpundit already wondered rhetorically the other day, does anybody really believe that The Most Humble President of All Time wouldn’t release those numbers in a heartbeat if the administration was seeing the kind of numbers it wanted to be seeing? I suppose there’s always the possibility that their online system has turned into such a grossly inept glitch-fest that they literally cannot figure out the enrollment numbers, but that admission would hardly be a preferable talking point over the glitchiness effectively barring signups. It’s probably just best to keep turning the attention to Republican obstructionism whenever possible, no?