I seem to remember back in the good old days that Senator Mary Landrieu was going to be a “new breed” of Democrat… one who would cleave to her own path and, when required, stand up to her own party and to the President. Ah… good times, my friends. Good times. But since then, she seems to have increasingly spent her time walking the party line on a number of issues. Not least of these is her apparent love affair with Obamacare, which may come as something of a surprise, given that the law is currently ringing up a 62% disapproval rating in her state. This may prove to be a puzzler for Louisiana residents who might otherwise consider continuing their support for her, (she won both of her first two elections with 52% of the vote) but it’s hardly a new position for Landrieu.

Just this summer she confessed to being embarrassed to visit Europe because they have full on, single payer health care and we don’t have a similar, socialized system of medical care. She’s even gone up on her own campaign website talking about how dedicated she is to the future of Obamacare.

In a move that could produce such ads, Landrieu hasn’t ruled out supporting some gun-control measures. And she hasn’t closed the door on backing gay marriage should it come to a vote in the Senate.

And the last thing she’s worried about is having Republicans attack her for supporting Obamacare.

“I am proud of my support for the Affordable Care Act, whether my opponents want to call it ACA or Obamacare, I voted for it. I’m glad I voted for it,” Landrieu said.

But sometimes quotes and analysis can be misinterpreted or taken out of context. It’s really best to hear things directly from the source. So we’ve dredged up a couple of video clips for you where the Senator waxes poetic on not only why she supports it, but why the rest of you should sit down and shut up. She goes through a couple of minutes of explaining that the bill was voted on, signed into law, and debated for forty years before becoming law. And at the 2:20 mark, she explains why Obamacare was really the Republicans’ idea anyway!

This was an idea that came not out of the Democratic caucus, but out of the Republican caucus. Not out of Democratic think tank, out of a Republican think tank.. the Heritage Foundation. And passed a private sector, market based insurance choice for all Americans.

There’s no need to delve yet again into how different the final product of Obamacare was from an actual market based solution as proposed by Heritage here, (we can explain it for ya, but we can’t understand it for ya) but that doesn’t stop Landrieu. She goes on in the next video clip to seal the deal.

This may not be perfect, but the status quo is worse. That debate we had… and their side lost.

Doesn’t get much more clear that that, now does it? And next year it will be up to the voters of Louisiana to make the decision for themselves. Landrieu will be facing a tough fight no matter who she goes up against, and that’s not a settled question yet either. Bill Cassidy is trying to get out of the gate early with a flashy start in a bid to unseat her, but he’ll have some questions of his own to answer going forward. (Not the least of which is why he donated to Landrieu’s original Senate campaign.) There’s still talk about Representative John Fleming or former Congressman Jeff Landry running, either of which might draw a bit more Tea Party support. But no matter who it turns out to be, voters should face a pretty clear choice.

And seriously… is there any sane reason the Democrats should be holding on to a Senate seat in Louisiana after next fall? Anyone? Beuller?