Pure spun gold from NRO, catching The One unwittingly using a term that lefty media’s bien-pensants have only recently determined to be “painfully racist.” Now we wait to see if my prediction at that last link was right, that there’ll be some half-hearted kvetching on liberal blogs about O’s unfortunate yet understandable insensitivity that’ll trickle up to the White House and make him think twice about using it again. Inevitably he’s going to be interviewed about football season, probably as part of some dopey “president’s picks!” feature before the first Monday night game of the year, and someone will ask him about the Redskins and RGIII. Will he say it again or will he have learned his lesson by then, opting for the vaguer, more tactful “Washington” instead? Up to you, lefty bloggers: Only vigorous whining now can officially change D.C. football etiquette later.

By the way, what’s this guy doing hosting a team that won the Super Bowl 40 years ago? Is this how he’s killing time during the congressional recess, bringing sports geezers back for one last random victory lap? Good lord. At least the dog’s a cute diversion.