To cleanse the palate, a true fact about the big A: Now that “The Office” is off the air, I only watch shows that annoy me. “The Walking Dead,” eight hundred different ghost-hunter productions, and this big bag of goofs, which purports to be a semi-serious look at counterterrorism and yet imagined that the world’s most wanted terrorist might decide to come out of hiding in Iraq and sneak into Washington D.C. to kidnap someone personally. Definitely watch season one if you haven’t yet. Then definitely watch seasons two and three if you’re into the idea of a nutty CIA agent finding romance with a double agent from Al Qaeda — who, by the way, is married to a character played by Morena Baccarin. That may be the least plausible part of this fantastically implausible show. Brody leaves Morena Baccarin for Crazy Carrie. What did the jihadis do to this guy’s brain?

Here’s the cryptic, atmospheric Season 4 trailer. Nothing obvious here about NSA surveillance, in case you thought they might tackle that; the Snowden revelations didn’t happen until June of this year, likely too late to be included in the plots of any new episodes. There’s a little bit of “cry face,” the obligatory shots of Mandy Patinkin looking mournful and Damian Lewis looking haggard, and — most interestingly — a tease that Brody’s daughter might convert to Islam too. If there’s one thing this show needs, it’s more fish-out-of-water high-school subplots involving her minor character. We’re in for a treat.

Update: Whoops, brain lapse. It’s season three that’s upcoming, not season four.