Yesterday morning, I posted the audio from my interview of Senator Marco Rubio from Thursday night’s Hugh Hewitt show. Later in the day, Senator Jeff Sessions came on my show to give his perspective on the Gang of Eight immigration reform effort. Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson joined me as Sessions outlined his objections to the current approach, his frustration at the defeat of the Grassley amendment, and the outlook for an upcoming CBO score on the Gang of Eight proposal:

Sen. Jeff Sessions on Immigration Reform Bill from Ed Morrissey on Vimeo.

The show was posted in its entirety yesterday, and this takes place at around the 45-minute mark. It’s a hot topic, though, and I figured that Hot Air readers would appreciate an opportunity to hear Sen. Session’s remarks if they missed the show yesterday.

The CBO score may come out as soon as Monday, but if not it should be sometime this week. Sessions argues that the traditional ten-year analysis will provide a falsely positive look at the impact, since those getting normalized won’t generate extra costs in government programs until well after the first decade (in most cases). Will the CBO score the impact farther out than the first decade? That’s something to watch.

Sessions and his allies also want to see how the CBO will treat the impact on wages from normalization and increased immigration. Will it include the extra costs that have to be absorbed at the state and local levels? What about means-tested programs, especially the Earned Income Tax Credit? Sessions explains his concerns specifically about EITC in the interview with Duane and me. Be sure to watch it all.