Hoo boy… Moe Lane at Red State has come across a nasty little piece of business coming out of New Mexico this past week. If the story plays out as early reporting indicates, there are a number of people – including prominent Democrats and a potential gubernatorial candidate – who will have some ‘splaining to do. The story begins in the campaign offices of Governor Susana Martinez, one of the rising stars of the GOP who has already been mentioned as possible POTUS or VPOTUS material in the future. Moe gives us the top line:

Executive summary: Jamie Estrada, former campaign manager for Susana Martinez (now the Republican governor of New Mexico), is accused of stealing* emails from her campaign account and passing them along to Democratic operative (and accused pedophile[**]) Jason Loera. Loera is likewise accused of passing along selected emails to Democratic state chair Sam Bregman, who then used those emails in at least one court case. Loera and Bregman are linked – the former consulted for the latter – and at this point, well. The whole thing is getting quite close to New Mexico Attorney General (and Democrat) Gary King.

The local media is already on this, as the following video shows. But when the story starts out like this, you know you’ve got problems.

How did a hijacked e-mail get into the hands of the head of the state Democratic Party? A federal investigation into the governor’s stolen e-mails has led to child pornography charges against a powerful Democratic operative. And we’ve learned that the person charged with child porn sent one of those hijacked e-mails, which had nothing to do with porn, to the state Democratic Party chairman.

Oof. How’d you like to get up in the morning, pour your first cup of coffee and have one of your minions come dashing in with that particular bit of cheery news to wash down with your bagel? Watch the video below. There’s really not much to do at this point but get out the popcorn, sit back and observe.