After watching this video, I’m suddenly seized with equal portions of nostalgia and amazement.  Jesse Ventura returned last night to CNN, in a long segment with Piers Morgan, and it’s almost like being in Minnesota from 1998-2002 … and that’s not a pleasant feeling.  Ventura tells Piers Morgan that he’s considering a run for President in 2016, but Ventura doesn’t get off to a good start on his campaign.

Morgan essentially dices him up on the issues, where Ventura says more “I don’t knows” than Eric Holder in front of a House committee these days.    Morgan starts off each issue by having Ventura offer his incredibly superficial opinion, challenges him on the basics, and then watches as Ventura admits he doesn’t know much about it.  The capper comes on the Maryland v King decision yesterday on DNA samples taken during bookings, which Ventura opposes because that should only happen when people are arrested and charged, which is … exactly what a booking does.

Be sure to stick around until the end, when Ventura explains why he’s suing the widow of a murder victim, too (via Twitchy):

Morgan replays a clip from last September of Ventura complaining that no third party got into the presidential debates.  Ventura can’t even win a debate against Piers Morgan; he should be grateful that he didn’t get on stage with anyone more serious than that.  Speaking of which, guess who he wants as his running mate?

Just back from his part-time home in Mexico, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura dangled the idea Friday that he could run for the U.S. presidency in 2016.

Ventura eagerly volunteered the possibility while at Minnesota’s Capitol — and pushed back against skepticism that he would re-enter the political fray after being out of office since 2003. It’s hardly the first time the publicity savvy Ventura has broached the idea he would run for the White House or Senate, only to pass on a campaign.

He said the next race is “an opportune time” for an independent like him to run because there will be no incumbent. He said he’s approached radio shock jock Howard Stern about being his running mate, and Stern expressed interest.

An email message seeking comment from Stern’s agent was left Friday night by The Associated Press.

How did we ever get along without Ventura?  Pretty well, actually.  And I look forward to when we can get back to getting along without him, too.