Heh. On his own show this evening, Chris Matthews took umbrage with his early-morning colleagues on Morning Joe for what he sees as their apparently oh-so-irksome tendency to be “open to all people’s points of view on that show.” Yes, how very… uhm… dreadful of them? Via NewsBusters:

Screw ups are not need for penitential action, simply correction. But when Reince Priebus has the nerve to cross the line into giving us moral leadership, we all must laugh – laugh heartily. The administration’s bungling of the IRS issue has opened, of course, the door for GOP featherweights like RNC chair Reince Priebus to launch some serious accusations. They’re not serious coming from him. They sound serious. Priebus tweeted – which is a perfect means of communication for him yesterday – “Great show with Sean Hannity tonight. It’s lawlessness and guerilla warfare and Obama is in the middle of it.” This is what a leader of a political party talks like – a thirteen-year-old. This morning he doubled down on those accusations. Here he was on Morning Joe. I don’t know why they put him on. I guess they’re open to all people’s points of view on that show.

Good grief, man — tell us how you really feel, why don’t you. I certainly won’t pretend that I harbor any fondness or intellectual deference for DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (ahem), but if you’re at least trying to create some semblance of balance and diverse discussion of DC politics on a news show, the national chairman of the Republican party is kind of a legitimate get, no? Also, not sure I understand the implied insult with Twitter being “the perfect means of communication for him.” …Yeah, it’s a great means of communication for a lot of people, journalists and politicians and your fellow MSNBCers alike, and part of a social-media strategy that the Democrats used to great effect in the last election. Good one?