And here you thought we were broke.

I know we’ve annoyed you with all sorts of scandal ridden, Sunday talk show posts today, so there’s a bit of a lighter, government incompetence story to share as we close out the weekend and prepare for QoTD. This one comes to us from long time Green Room author and – now – Liberty Unyielding denizen, Howard Portnoy. While the government wails about all of the money that that the mean Republicans made them cut out of the budget, leading to air towers closing, duck studies going unfunded and all manner of other things, Uncle Sam has still found enough spare change in his pocket to pay for one vital service.

Prison Poetry.

Thanks to sequestration, there is not enough money in the government coffers to keep “the people’s house” (aka the White House) open for tours. You’ll be pleased to know, however, that there’s plenty of money — $75,000 worth — for prison poetry.

According to, a new website that features readings of poems written by current inmates was launched this week with the help of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Among the podcasts available to visitors of are recitations of poems like “Ghetto Bastard,” “Fenced Jewels,” and “A Gangster’s Prayer.”

Click through for the full story. And since you’re such an inventive lot, feel free to submit your own prison poetry in the comments. Who knows? You might even qualify for a government grant!