It’s been a heavy day. Enjoy a short break in the form of the latest nerd-viral video on the Internet.

I was a fan of the original “Star Trek,” if only by virtue of my lack of exposure to other options. As a kid, my little brothers and I could pretty much only tune in “Star Trek” in the afternoons on the rabbit ears, so Kirk and Spock became our heroes, even if we were about 15 years late to that sci-fi party. My parents had an old Coca-Cola cooler sitting in the backyard they’d picked up at some junk store or yard sale along the way (which sounds really classy now that I write it), and it became the Starship Enterprise. I was oldest, so I was always Capt. Kirk while my brother was relegated to perpetual Spockdom.

In later years, I second-guessed my decision to always be Shatner when I could have been Nimoy. It was a juvenile preoccupation with status over more intangible qualities, I think. These days, I’m Team Spock, for both old and new “Star Trek.”

As such, I am torn, here:

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