Expect lots of whistles to be blowing, and lots of questions to be asked, at least by Republicans on the House Oversight Committee when the hearing on Benghazi starts at 11:30 ET.  The Democrats on the panel might be more inclined to offer speeches rather than questions to the three whistleblowers offering testimony today, and those speeches will probably focus on berating Republicans for turning this into some kind of partisan attack on Hillary Clinton, rather than a focus on how an American administration could have possibly missed the vulnerability of a lightly-protected consulate in what had become Terrorist Central in North Africa, thanks in no small part to earlier American intervention in Libya.

Greg Gutfeld warns that regardless of the answers, the questions will become irrelevant if the media decides to ignore it:

If the media decides it isn’t interested in the hearing, the Obama administration will not be held accountable for the Benghazi casualties, he said during his monologue on Tuesday’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Five.”

“As three key witnesses are about to testify regarding the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, one question remains — who the hell cares?” Gutfeld said. “I mean really, it happened such a long time ago and what difference does it make? Which leads me to another question, what kind of story merits examination?”

“The thing is Benghazi isn’t complex; it’s very simple,” he continued. “People needed help on 9/11. They were denied. Four people died. The government falsely blamed a video. You can’t get any easier than that. That’s Scandal 101. Even Howie Kurtz could follow it, and he is an idiot. Especially compared with other massive scandals — Watergate: people lied, no one died,. Benghazi: the president chilled after people were killed. Wouldn’t that merit hard hitting reporting on par with Watergate?”

But Gutfeld predicted that since Obama is not a Republican, the scandal could ring hollow since the media seem to be invested in the president’s performance.

CBS NewsSharyl Attkisson has been doggedly reporting on the story, and reported this morning that the witnesses will contradict the Obama administration’s narrative:

Will they give Attkisson more than 52 seconds to report on the findings? We’ll see.  Usually the rule is if it bleeds, it leads, but that certainly didn’t prove to be the case with the Kermit Gosnell trial.  I mentioned that to Terry Jeffrey of CNS News in this interview just before he took his seat this morning in the hearing room, and Jeffrey agrees that the media silence in this case has been a disgrace:

CNS News and Jeffrey have certainly been all over the story.  Here are just a few links that will help with preparation for today’s hearing:

I’ll keep my eyes open for embeddable live video of the hearing, but C-SPAN will be covering it live.