Hey, it’s more of an excuse than his father ever provided:

Gov. Cuomo has quietly told associates that he is resigned to the fact that he can’t run for president in 2016 if Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the race, as is widely expected, sources told The Post.

“The governor has told people in recent weeks that there’s not a chance for him to run if Hillary gets in the race because she’ll easily wrap up the Democratic nomination,’’ said a Cuomo administration insider with direct knowledge of the situation.

“He knows that and he accepts that, and so he won’t even be thinking at all in those terms — unless Hillary decides not to run, which seems unlikely,’’ the source continued.

Frederic Dicker says that this comes as a surprise, given his shift in direction for his agenda of late:

While Cuomo has repeatedly claimed he has no interest in running for president, his sharp turn to the political left this year after two years governing as a moderate convinced many Democrats and Republicans that he was laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign.

Actually, I’d take that as an indication he wasn’t interested in running for President.  If he was, he’d be better off shifting more to the middle.  Instead, he took the left-flank position on gun control — and them made a mess of it, signing a bill that was so utterly unworkable that he had to beg the legislature to fix it.  If a presidential run was on his mind, he would have taken more care to support the middle-of-the-road position rather than go full tilt on gun control.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that Cuomo was interested in a 2016 run for the big office. Why give Hillary Clinton veto control over his ambitions?  She’ll be 69 in 2016, with only eight years in the Senate and four very questionable years as Secretary of State on which to run. The Benghazi mess may still erupt on her, especially now that more whistleblowers appear ready to talk about the terrorist attack and the Obama administration response to it.  If John Kerry manages to do anything in the next three years, it will be more than Hillary accomplished in four.  Plus, let’s not forget that the unstoppable Hillary coronation got derailed by a first-term Senate backbencher in 2008.  Why would a governor of the second most populous state be intimidated by Hillary?

I’d guess it’s because Cuomo, like his father, really isn’t all that interested in the presidency in the first place.