We need a break from shaming the media for not covering Gosnell so let’s shame them for some of their bombing coverage instead. I can understand jittery Twitter users hyperventilating over something unexplained in the first moments after an attack, but what’s the press’s excuse? A quick skim of big media today shows pieces from ABC, the New York Daily News, the Daily Mail, the Sun, and even French media oohing and aahing over the fact that there was a guy on the roof of the building right next to the blast yesterday as it happened. Who knows what dastardly deeds he might have been up to? A hint from Michael Moynihan:

If the railings don’t convince you, follow the links to the Sun and the French site for their zoomed-in photos of the mystery man. There appear to be … deck chairs behind him. Any guesses as to what a guy might be doing during a city-wide holiday on a roof deck overlooking the finish line of a celebrated race? If you’re familiar with the apartment buildings across from Wrigley Field, that might give you an inkling. Granted, he seems oddly calm in the photo in light of the erupting fireball underneath, but so does everyone else in the picture. The runners haven’t even broken stride; they haven’t had time to react yet. Also, explain to me why the alleged bomber would be standing on the roof of a building when the bomb went off. He’s in plain view of photographers; he’s not a sniper, so there’s no tactical advantage to him being up there. If anything, he’s cornered if a cop spots him from the street and races up to see what he’s doing. And if anyone else from the building walked out onto the roof, they might notice that a strange man they’d never seen before was prowling around.


Let’s see if eight seconds of fact-checking by The Smoking Gun can help the rest of the media out:

The purported “mystery man” now starring in conspiracy theories stemming from yesterday’s bombings in Boston was walking on the common roof deck of a luxury building in front of which the second explosion occurred.

The deck–outfitted with wicker chaises, a gas grill, and a bathroom–is open to residents of 755 Boylston Street, a seven-story building where apartments rent for upwards of $7000 monthly.

Seven grand a month. I wonder how “the bomber” made it past the doorman.

Exit quotation: “ABCNews.com reached out to the Boston Police for comment about the ‘man on the roof,’ but our request was not immediately returned.”