As more states follow the lead of New York, Connecticut and Colorado, passing rafts of laws which are decidedly unfriendly to Second Amendment supporters, gun and weapons equipment manufacturers have been feeling the squeeze. Some are already looking to pack up their plants and their jobs and head to friendlier climes, and governors like Rick Perry have been quick to welcome them with open arms – pun intended. But the rest of the more freedom oriented states apparently won’t be willing to sit on the sideline and let Perry grab up all the benefits.

Governor Paul LePage of Maine is getting in on the act, and he’s not being subtle about it. He took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal with an open appeal to the owners of several such companies and made his case.

When Americans think of Maine, they often think of rocky coasts, lobster and moose. But Maine also has a long and proud tradition of military service, a legacy of world-class manufacturing, and a high percentage of personal firearm ownership.

That’s why I invite manufacturers of firearms and related accessories—some of which are under siege in their home states by politicians pushing anti-gun legislation—to come to Maine. As a state that is fiercely protective of our right to bear arms, we will welcome you and your business.

If you read the full letter you’ll see that LePage has quite a few tales to tell in the interest of beefing up Maine’s Second Amendment bona fides. He tells a story which I missed entirely about a newspaper there trying to get a list of gun owners from the government to publish. He worked with the legislature to pass a new law to squash that effort within 48 hours. He also discusses Maine’s proud tradition of both manufacturing and individualism. But to really make the sale, he closes with this powerful and very direct offer.

Beretta, Colt, Magpul and any others: In Maine you will find air, rail and seaports that can carry your exceptional products across the country and across the globe. You will find hardworking Mainers, and you will find a governor who is ready to provide incentives and guarantees that will make it attractive for you to set up shop in our state.

I will never sign anti-gun legislation that erodes the rights of Maine citizens, drives your business away or infringes on the U.S. Constitution or the State of Maine Constitution.

Come to where you are welcome and where you will be appreciated. Come to Maine. I’ll even throw in some lobster.

I don’t know if it will work, but if I were in charge of Beretta, I’d read that letter, pick up the phone and at least look into the situation. It’s a pretty sweet offer, even without the lobster.