Via CNS and the Media Research Center, a snapshot from yesterday’s “Rally for Citizenship” in D.C. in which a guy who’s done more than any other pol in America to make immigration reform possible ends up eating shinola anyway. I don’t really think this is inexplicable, incidentally. This is a sneak preview of the “thanks” Rubio and other Republicans will get for passing amnesty once the left goes to work on them for insisting upon the few meager enforcement provisions that end up making it into the bill. No matter what happens, no matter what passes, they will not give up on using this issue as a wedge. It’s too valuable to them electorally; if the GOP ever did make serious inroads with Latinos, Democrats would be in mortal peril. And ironically, because Rubio probably has the best chance among national Republicans to make that happen, he’ll receive the worst “anti-immigrant” scapegoating of all in hopes of neutralizing him. These signs make perfect sense in that regard. This is just the beginning.