Heh. I liked how Rich Lowry put this on Fox News this morning, following up on his column earlier this week — how often have people who, calmly and rationally, dare to question the notion that humanity is hurtling toward a man-made, imminent, and irreversible warming catastrophe been written off as heretical “climate-deniers” who “ignore/hate science”? As The Economist‘s recent reappraisal of the climate-change issue illustrated, however, there’s now more and more data piling up that the earth’s temperature has actually been pretty much stable over the past decade or so, despite the gobs of greenhouse gases we’ve been continuously adding to the atmosphere. All of the old favorite climate models are perilously close to completely falling apart, since it turns out that the planet might not be quite as sensitive to carbon emissions as they projected, and it appears that the scaremongers and doomsayers’ continuing insistence that we must put a halt on our economic activity to combat the problem makes them the real climate deniers and science haters. Oh, how the tables have turned!

None of this is to necessarily say that climate change is not an issue with which we should be concerned, but rather that the fact that all of that oh-so-very “settled science” actually isn’t settled science suggests that some of the determined alarm-peddlers just might have had ulterior motives in mind, hem hem.