Most of you HotAir folks probably know about Lt. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL). This weekend, a full-length documentary on the man, posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor in 2007, opens in a small number of theaters. Look up your state and see if there’s somewhere you can catch it. Your effort can help the film expand to more theaters.

Sonny Bunch has a great review of the film, here.

I attended the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) annual dinner this week, as I do every year with my friends from the Travis Manion Foundation. It is always a time to reflect on those who’ve given all to protect our freedoms. For my part, I remember and give thanks for the honorable, brave, too-short lives of 1LT Travis L. Manion (USMC) and Lt. Brendan Looney (SEAL) and all those I’ve met through working with families of the fallen at the Manion Foundation. I also give thanks for friends who’ve come home safely from several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, two of whom I’ll get to see for the first time in years this spring. This year, the night was even more poignant, as it fell on the 10-year anniversary of the war in Iraq, and on a day when we tragically lost 7 Marines in a training accident in Nevada. Today’s news from Quantico is equally tragic, and yet another reminder of the pressures and dangers our servicemen and women face every day. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to reflect on those we’ve lost, and how to thank them for their service.

Honor the fallen by remembering them, and challenging yourself to be worthy of the lives of they lived. Thank you to all of them.

After you’ve seen the movie, consider supporting the Manion Foundation and TAPS if you’re interested in a way to actively support the memories and survivors of the fallen.