The four scariest words in Washington DC have to be, “Hi, I’m Jason Mattera.” (Either that, or “We’re out of doughnuts.”) Few politicos seem to know how to deal with my good friend when he manages to find these moments; only Al Franken really did a good job of pushing back, which was unusual because Franken usually refuses to deal with any media not from Minnesota.  OFA chief Jim Messina doesn’t do much better here.  Instead of going on offense and forcing Jason to defend Fox News even a little bit, Messina instead falls into Jason’s trap rather easily:

Messina kept insisting that he’d answered Jason’s question, but he’d offered a nonsense answer.  Obama routinely includes zingers about Fox News in interviews and speeches — the video only scratches the surface of an entire library of moments from this President.  His White House tried marginalizing Fox in its first year to the point where other news agencies finally rebelled at Obama administration attempts to exclude Fox from events.  Obama himself tried taking on Rush Limbaugh in his first few months, apparently never having learned the lesson that punching down only lifts your opponent and diminishes yourself.

Maybe Messina can ask Obama for a better answer when he attends one of those quarterly meetings to which OFA sells tickets for $500,000 a pop.