We had to pass it to find out what in it’s, but now that we’re finding out about all of the expensive, inefficient, market-distorting facets of the health care overhaul, the Obama administration’s main failing is still — still — that they just haven’t explained it well enough to us simpletons. We’re just not getting it, you see.

Blergh. All of the items that Sebelius ticks off in the beginning of the segment — checkups without co-pays, the illegality of declining higher-risk patients, etcetera — these things are not free. The costs are merely being redistributed to all Americans at large, but when she’s pressed about the rising prices of premiums in California — the first guinea-pig state to get to work on implementing ObamaCare — she just kind of casually brushes it off like these companies can somehow magically find a way to prevent their operating costs from increasing, and touts how the Obama administration has munificently limited the salaries of these insurance companies’ bigwig CEOs, as if their oh-so-ill-begotten fat checks are one of the main drivers of rising health care costs. (But don’t you dare accuse them of class-warmongering!)

But hey, here’s the good news: The First Lady’s anti-obesity campaign and the government’s anti-smoking campaign are going to be real, significant preventative and hence cost-saving measures! The system is saved!