Once again we seem to have spent far too much of the weekend debating heady and often depressing subjects, so it’s only fair to include something for a bit of fun. And when you’re looking for fun, there is no better place to turn than Shotgun Joe Biden! There’s a new entry in the collection of Vice President Biden’s advice for young ladies seeking some personal protection, and it is brought to us in the form of one of the most entertaining columns you’ll read all week by long time Hot Air friend, Andrew Malcom of Investors.com.

Lots of people like Joe Biden. He’s the zany uncle, the benign bumbler who shows up at Thanksgiving dinner and takes over the mealtime conversation with confusing stories, most of them very familiar and not all of them off-color.

Joe is from Delaware, a place that’s famous for absolutely nothing and arouses no feelings whatsoever. Joe likes to ride the choo-choo trains. He talks a lot, which can be good in politics. He often talks before thinking about the words coming out of his mouth, which can not be good in politics.

Obama keeps the harmless guy around because, in comparison, Biden makes the president look smooth and smart. As long as no one gets to thinking, “God Almighty, that garrulous goof is one heartbeat away from becoming commander-in-chief.”

Hey, guys, what does this red button do?

That goes on for quite some time and really had me chuckling the whole way. But on the second page, we are introduced to a new video which comes in response to Joe’s advice for women to buy a shotgun for self defense.

Anyway, Joe’s idea is that women should ensure they get attacked at home. There, they can keep a shotgun. If a woman hears some funny noise, she should get out that heavy, powerful weapon. She should go out on the porch and simply fire off a couple of shotgun blasts into something. That’ll take care of things.

The VP had nothing to say about what to do in the event of return fire. And he was vague on where exactly to fire the shotgun blasts. He seemed to indicate up in the air. That’s actually illegal in many places because, gravity being what it is, that hot lead has a need to come down at some point. And not always in woods.

Then, wise Joe thoughtfully added, as a woman you really don’t want to fool around with a military-type AR-15. His party doesn’t like those weapons. And Biden knows they’re hard to handle and hard to aim, especially for a woman because, well, you know.

So, watch this video below and see how things worked out for a number of women trying out Joe’s shotgun advice. And then one of them with an AR-15.

We’re going to get to the video for you in a moment, but I really need to preface it with a few notes. First of all, the video depicts a number of women attempting to fire shotguns and being knocked down, spun around, losing control of their weapon and other malfunctions as a result of the kick from the shotgun. They are almost all handling the weapons in an improper fashion. It should be pointed out that many, many women are skilled, successful shotgun owners who can handle these weapons just fine and the video makes light of that idea. Also, I can relate a bit to the problems these ladies encounter. When I was about 13 years old I insisted to my father and my Uncle Bernie that I be allowed to fire my dad’s 12 gauge instead of just my .22 long rifle. Having a rather inappropriate sense of humor, they agreed, instructing me to stand with my heels close together, leaning slightly backward “to better sight down the barrel” and holding the butt of the stock a couple of inches away from my shoulder. My entire right side was purple for a week. (Thanks, Dad.)

Second, while the video depicts these things in a comical way, many of these situations are very unsafe. Nobody should be firing a weapon without proper training and safety procedures in place. Still, with all of that said, there is an element of slapstick humor to the piece and the way they weave Joe Biden into it makes it pretty funny. Enjoy.