Alternate headline: “Chuck Hagel confirmation battle, day one: Blogger already losing interest in Chuck Hagel confirmation battle.”

I spotted this on a movie-trailer site today, sighed at the thought of Hollywood pooping out another unnecessary remake of a classic, and cued it up expecting to be as bored with it as I am with, well, the Chuck Hagel confirmation battle. Surprise: It’s freaky deaky, especially by trailer standards, and even if you know and love the original “Evil Dead” and (my favorite) “Evil Dead 2.” I think it was the dearth of camp that threw me. After watching ED2 and “Army of Darkness” umpteen times, you come to expect some comic relief from Bruce Campbell and his chin to break the tension between the barfier moments. Not here. It’s 100 percent creepy grossness, which is truer to the spirit of the first “Evil Dead” movie. This series is a perfect vehicle for that too. There’s really no plot to ED1 or ED2 beyond the most pro forma demon-summoning to get things moving. It’s just a bunch of people out in the woods being haunted, cut up, puked on, and so forth, a blank slate for a writer and director to strive for maximum audience freakout.

If you like horror, especially of the Raimi variety, then you’ll find this intriguing, but here’s an official content warning for those who don’t. If movie gore bothers you, proceed no further, please.

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