If you don’t have time for the whole segment, enjoy 75 golden seconds starting at 3:00 in which Matthews presses him on how a former Republican turned “independent” can suddenly embrace Democratic orthodoxy from soup to nuts. Pay special attention at 3:45 as Crist segues, without missing a beat, from his self-serving shpiel about common sense and doing what you think is right to eager assent when asked if he’ll do whatever the Democratic Party tells him. I remember watching his contortions two years ago as he struggled to outflank Rubio and vacillating between aghast astonishment at how soullessly opportunistic he was and cynical admiration at his shamelessness in being so cynical. The guy appears to be utterly without principle and really doesn’t strain to hide it. Most careerist pols like Romney betray some psychic anguish in their demeanors when they reverse themselves on policy for strategic reasons, but not this guy. He seems completely at peace with it. He’s sort of the ultimate postmodern politician. In its own way, its refreshingly honest.

That said, when it comes to party-switchers, I’ll take Artur Davis over this tool every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Good lord.

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