President Obama met with Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto at the White House on Tuesday; looks like the sit-down amounted to pretty much what you’d expect:

In his first meeting in the Oval Office with Peña Nieto, which comes on the heels of the election in Mexico, Obama said he would be “sharing” ideas with his Mexican counterpart. Peña Nieto signaled that he would be in support of such a plan.

“We fully support your proposal,” Peña Nieto said, speaking through a translator. “We want to contribute. We want to be part of this.”

Obama, who was joined in the Oval Office by Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, signaled a strong bond with Mexico, saying that what happens in the neighboring country “has an impact on our society.” He commended outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderón, for establishing an “excellent working relationship” with the U.S., and said he wanted to continue the “close personal and professional relationship” with Mexico.

One needn’t pause to wonder why Mexico would indeed care to be involved in the immigration-reform process, especially now that a wider immigration discussion is increasingly likely to go down in the wake of the GOP’s election defeat and all of the subsequent ‘soul-searching’ going on. Obama said ahead of the election that the “biggest failure” of his first term was not doing more on immigration reform when he had the unfettered opportunity during his first two years, but now that a few Republicans are making moves, he’ll have his big chance to demonstrate that he’s the great uniter he’s always told us he is — and as much as I think some Democrats won’t want to give credence to Republicans’ proposals, the chance to maybe accomplish something big on a more bipartisan basis has its appeal, too.

Anyhow, Nieto is our new neighbor to the south; here he is on CNN breaking down immigration, Fast & Furious, drug legalization, and etcetera, via the WFB: