Am I right in thinking that this is our first post-election palate cleanser? The last one I remember was that “Walking Dead” post late on Monday night, back when I still had hope that we might somehow fend off the fiscal equivalent of the zombie apocalypse. Nope; we’re bitten now. Just a matter of time before, a la Greece, we go zombie. Ah well. If we’re going out, let’s go out true to who we are as a people — with a viral video of a paint-by-numbers pop concoction from a junior high-schooler about how awesome turkey and mashed potatoes are. When your kids ask you what America was like back in the age of plenty, before the budgetary End Times, you show ’em this and you tell them: This was America. And it was pretty great.

If, perchance, this reminds you of Rebecca Black, there’s a reason. The guy who wrote it wrote “Friday” too. Exit question: Is Thanksgiving a thing with ‘tweens now? I remember it fondly as a kid for being a chance to see grandma and eat really, really well, but maybe I should have been partying with my seventh-grade classmates instead.