Chuck Todd appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe earlier today to discuss Team Obama strategy — and perhaps staffing — in the wake of their debate debacle.  Six days later, not only is the Barack Obama campaign still talking about the debate, they’ve released an ad about perhaps the least important issue mentioned in it … Big Bird.  Instead of changing the subject, they’re continuing to extend the damage, and Mike Barnicle asked Todd about their strange obsession with the debate rather than finding anything else to discuss.  Todd agrees, and says that “Chicago” may be making some personnel changes in the final days of the campaign, according to his sources on Team Obama:

Yesterday, I wrote that the continuing focus on the debate by Team Obama was one reason that Romney’s bounce could turn into a surge.  Instead of putting the debate in the rear-view mirror by offering a substantive declaration of a second-term agenda — which is already several months late in coming — Obama and his campaign chose perhaps the least substantive moment from the debate to bring it all back up to voters.  This is a campaign that has entirely run out of gas, so much so that the only topic they can handle is Big Bird.  That doesn’t look presidential; it doesn’t look like anyone at Team Obama really cares about looking presidential and addressing the big issues any longer.  They’re defaulting on the big issues and second-term agenda to Romney.  If that continues, the polling shift will soon transform into a surge.

Update: The RNC has some fun with the Obama campaign’s self-immolation today with this graphic: