Far be it from us to miss a hot trending topic on a relatively slow news day, especially one that doesn’t require a whole lot of writing.  Joe Biden hit the campaign trail today in Ohio, and made a stop at Cruisers Diner in order to get in touch with voters in Seaman, a small town on the Appalachian Highway.  That was a cozy little venue, as AP photographer Carolyn Kaster captured for posterity:


Looks to me like Sheriff Joe has won one vote … and lost two others.  It’s a darned good thing that Biden has Secret Service protection, because if this was any other guy, those other two men in the shot might have taken Joe for a ride — a one-way ride.  The man on the right has the blog-perfect name “Troll,” who is also president of the “Shadowmen,” and an ordained minister.  The latter would have come in handy for Joe if he went any farther with Troll’s old lady.

Needless to say, this got a lot of attention today:

Hot Air’s weekend editor was a little mystified at the sensation:

I, on the other hand, thought something looked rather familiar — and not just Biden’s manner with the woman in his lap:

By the way, this isn’t a photoshop job; the AP has this image for sale to its clients, of which we are one.  Let’s have some fun with it and hold a caption contest! Try to keep it at PG-13 or under, please, so we don’t have to conduct clean-ups on Aisle 7 all evening long.