Mia Love’s name has been all the rage here in Tampa since her big debut on the RNC stage at the start of Tuesday night’s lineup, and my Townhall colleague Elisabeth Meinecke and I managed to catch up with her outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum for a little bit of follow-up. Even though Love’s presence on the national scene is rather inconvenient for the Left’s never-ceasing rhetoric about the ostensibly constant stream of raaaaaaacism and war-on-women-ishness coming from the Right, she’s not to be deterred — she’s facing a tough race against a Democratic incumbent in Utah, but she’s focused on the big issues that affect all Americans and on helping to bring an end to the divisiveness being peddled by President Obama and the Democrats. The docket was full of conservative all-stars last night, but Love’s speech clearly packed an unforgettable punch — her fundraising numbers have been on the up and up since she graced the stage.